Wood Floor Kit for Dazzling Contemporary House

Situated in Osaka, the contemporary house with wood floor kit has been beautifully arranged to accommodate the need of a small family. The Fujiwaramuro Architects have managed to create a beautiful house plans despite the land’s irregular form. They also have been very successful in making a beautiful and comfortable place of living. The main […]

Ergonomic Furniture Equipment in Stunning Private House Design

GRAUX & Baeyens Architecten faced quite difficult challenge when they were asked to build a private house with ergonomic furniture equipment on the sharp-edged land. Additionally, the land owners wanted the house to be able to receive much natural light without being noticed by the public. Those two complicated challenge were eventually answered by the […]

Metal Roof Options for Unique Urban House Architecture

Located next to the railway, the urban house has been designed in a way with the metal roof options that it could resist the vibration when train comes. Good house architecture is also required to keep the building remains on top of the expansive soil. Therefore, Shipley Architects tries to put the building afloat as […]

Walking Path Stone for Natural Recreation Center Design

The need of a perfect recreation center design with walking path stone has made the VenhoevenCS designed the communal attraction in the Jan van Galenstraat, Amsterdam. This is aimed to fulfill the need of its surrounding residents as the area is occupied by various kinds of people. By various, in this regards, it means that […]

Outdoor Kitchen Units for Wonderful Penthouse Design

Once you live in an apartment, there seems no chance for you to have a great penthouse design with its outdoor kitchen units. As we all know, that the apartment only gives us limited space for both our creativity and activities. However, this penthouse loft might have given you different perspective of a great apartment […]

Room Divider Apartment for Modest Apartment Design

The couple living in Voula, Greece wanted to merges two contemporary apartments into one perfect place of living with room divider apartment. The project is handed over to the Lm Architects, well-known architecture firm in the city, to create a spacious room inside. The future plan is that the merged apartment room shall be able […]

Concrete Wall Panels for Beautiful Contemporary House

Located in Toronto, Canada, this contemporary house is aimed to accommodate the family’s interest with its concrete wall panels. The Beech House, as it is named, was designed by Altius Architecture. The architectural firm managed to create a simple yet elegant touch into the house by the perfect combination of concrete wall, glass panel, as […]

Outdoor Room Terrace for Serene Resort Design

Malaysia, which claims itself as Truly Asia, offers a stunning resort design with an outdoor room terrace located in the Pangkor Laut Island. This resort offers an ultimate tranquility which is perfect for a weekend getaway or your summer vacation. Situated on an island in the Malacca Strait, the resort offers visitors with beautiful sea […]